Innovation and Disruption in Healthcare

Dan Gebremedhin, MD, Partner at Flare Capital Partners, takes a look at innovation and disruption in healthcare. In this podcast, he talks about the current environment for healthcare innovators, growth areas in healthcare technology, and where the greatest need for change is in the industry. Dr. Gebremedhin will be the keynote speaker at ACHE of MA’s Spring Conference on June 9, 2022. You can register here:


Addressing the challenges of COVID-19 on the elderly and providing quality elder care at Hebrew SeniorLife.

Part of our “Equity in Healthcare” series, Maureen Bannan, RN is the Executive Director of Home and Community Based Services at Hebrew SeniorLife.  Maureen discusses the impact of the COVID pandemic on the elderly and those in elder care, with the challenges that come from isolation and having to navigate new technologies in order to keep their care and connections to their community in place.  Maureen also discusses how Hebrew SeniorLife is addressing these issues with technology, communication, training programs to counter recent labor shortages, and even how to make improvements in the new normal where we find ourselves. Learn more about ACHE of Massachusetts.

Public Health Improvement Measures in Lawrence, MA and COVID-19’s Impact on the Community

Part of our “Equity in Healthcare” series, Vilma Martinez-Dominguez, Community Development Director for the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts, discusses how the city is tackling the COIVD-19 crisis head on.  As a long time and highly regarded community builder and mobilizer, Vilma has been working with the Mayor and the City to partner the community, the government, and the local healthcare systems to not only address the current crisis but also make long term improvements in the lives of the people.  She also discusses how public health delivery has changed over time and how the conversation around racism has expanded to include its harmful effects in healthcare and is now part of every conversation that’s happening in leadership, today.

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Equity in Healthcare Series: Fenway Health and Delivering Care for the LGBTQA+ Community

Part of our “Equity in Healthcare” series, Carl Sciortino, MPA, Executive Vice President of External Relations at Fenway Health, says the LGBTQA+ community, like many minority communities, have borne the brunt of COVID19.  Although not always visible in the news, they are seeing the impact on this community in their clinics.  As a longtime champion of LGBTQA+ healthcare issues and AIDS activism, Carl discusses the Getting to Zero Coalition, fighting discriminatory federal regulations, leading the way in healthcare for this community and spreading best practices.  He also discusses the transformation of care delivery through telehealth, changing not only the way they provide care but who can receive it.

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Social Determinants of Health

Umbereen Nehal MD, MPH, President and Founder of the Nehal Group says improving the Social Determinants of Health takes a village. As a community health physician and pediatrician, she discusses the impact social determinants have on healthcare today. These include cultural competency and strategies for engaging and training organizations on empowering communities of need. Learn more about ACHE of Massachusetts.

What is the FACHE Credential?

Jack Bailey, FACHE, Senior Vice President of Clinical Services at UMass Memorial Medical Center and Kate Fitzpatrick, FACHE, Enterprise Solutions Practice Lead at GE Healthcare share their thoughts on why they worked to obtain their Fellowship in the American College of Healthcare Executives. They discuss what the credential means to them, what impact it has had on their career and what advice they have for those considering the FACHE credential. Learn more about ACHE of Massachusetts.

Value-Based Care

Dr. Richard Parker, Chief Medical Officer at Arcadia Healthcare Solutions discusses value-based care. Value-based care has two important components: quality and price of patient care. The goal is to improve quality, but spend less. This model of care pays providers based on patient health outcomes. Dr. Parker talks about the role of data integration, alternative payment models and how to run value-based care effectively. Learn more about ACHE of Massachusetts.

Career Growth & Development

Christine Schuster, RN is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Emerson Hospital and Karen Moore, RN, FACHE is the Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Nursing Officer at Lawrence General Hospital. Christine and Karen, two outstanding healthcare leaders discuss Career Growth & Development. Christine encourages those starting out in healthcare to try different types of positions. Employers will find a broad range of experiences attractive in a candidate, so don’t limit yourself! Karen talks about mentors and how they helped her in her career. She highly recommends a coach to help you grow and develop. Learn more about ACHE of Massachusetts.

Physician Burnout

Dr. Ali Raja, FACHE is the Executive Vice Chair in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Raja talks about Physician Burnout which is recognized as a real problem in medicine. Ingrained in the physician culture is the idea that their patient’s health comes first. But physician’s health is also very important. We are seeing more doctors and nurses disengaging from medicine and looking outside of healthcare to live their lives. How can we fix this? Learn more about ACHE of Massachusetts.

The Patient Experience

Lisa Allen, Ph.D., Chief Patient Experience Officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine talks about the Patient Experience. She seeks to continually improve the experience of patients and their families. Did we delight or disappoint the patient? Did someone explain things in a way the patient can understand? Did the patient say their concerns were considered and that they were treated with courtesy and respect? These are just some of the elements that define the Patient Experience.
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